Welcome to the 3's

Welcome, to our class

This class is to teach our students everything they need to know when entering kindergarten.

We praise our dedication to having 

Smaller classes

One to One meetings with students 


Interactive Learning 

Meet our Teachers

Elementary Classroom


Hello Parents, My name is Sandy. I am the lead teacher for the 3's Program. 

Chalkboard Drawings


Hey! Welcome to the 3's.  I can't wait to meet your children. My name is Noah, I recently Joined the DCCDS Team and learning more and more. I can't wait to teach the kids about the world and all the cool stuff they can discover. 


Lisa C.

Hello Everyone, My name is Lisa and I'm glad to be back at DCCDS. Learning is my passion and I love teaching what I learn. Your little ones mean a lot to our community. I can't wait to see them grow to be the leaders of the future.